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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Innovative Introductions

In any program or seminar, introduction of each participant of the program to program leader and to rest of participants of the program is a great etiquette and an appropriate program kick- off. It is also a pretty decent icebreaker.

Here we present to you an innovative way of these much needed introductions. The method of introductions suggested here can be used particularly for a group where most of the participants do not know each other or know each other only slightly. Also the group size should not be too large since this creative method of introductions may end up taking lot of time of the total program duration and you may be seen as whiling away the limited available time of the seminar.

In this method of introductions, rather than requesting each participant to introduce himself to the rest of the group as is usually done, you as the program leader will request one participant to introduce the other participant to the rest of the group.

At the beginning of the exercise, make pairs of the participants- each pair will consist of two participants. Make pairs randomly. For doing this, you may ask the participants to count themselves from serial number 1 onwards. First participant will shout out his count as 1, the person next to him will shout out 2, the next to him 3 and so on till all participants shout out their serial numbers. Instruct the participants to remember their own serial numbers. Then you will declare that the person with his count no as 1 will pair up with the person with count no say, 11. Serial number 2 will make pair with serial number 12, serial number 3 with serial number 13 and so on.

The persons forming one pair will sit together. Tell them that in each pair, the two persons will exchange information about themselves with each other. It will be preferable that they do not write that information but keep it in their minds. That way they will show more interest in each other and will be more attentive to what the other is saying. The exchange of introductions may include complete name of the person, his educational qualifications, names of the schools where he took education, about the other close family members, his achievements, hobbies and interests and any other thing that may be interesting.

When all the pairs are ready, request them to start the introduction exercise. Call on the two persons of the first pair to the dais or towards the front portion of the hall. Suppose the names of the two persons in the first pair are "A" and "B". Request "A" to introduce "B" to the rest of the group. Similarly after introduction of "B" by "A", now "B" will take the turn to introduce his partner "A" to the audience. After both the introductions are over, request the audience to clap for the pair and you will welcome them to your seminar.

All the rest of the pairs will carry out this kind of mutual introductions for the benefit of the audience and the program leader.

The seminar hall is sure to fill with a kind of dynamism that will prove useful for the rest of the seminar.

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