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Monday, July 19, 2010

Adjectives or Boast as Much as You Can

This management game or management exercise is an icebreaker. It also helps the facilitator or the program leader to connect himself well with the participants and the participants get introduced to each other in a very creative manner. It is a beautiful introspection tool and a motivator. It can be played at the beginning of any program.

You, as the program facilitator, will brief or instruct the participants to take out their note pads and pencils or pens and to start giving themselves some adjectives based on their strong points. Give them adequate time to scoop out their good qualities which they readily know and even those qualities which they possess but never thought about or cared about. Tell them to list out as many qualities as they can. Emphasize that here is a chance for them to boast about themselves as much as they want.

Some one in the audience may ask, "What about our disqualifications- the weaknesses?"

You should reply to clarify, "While everyone has weaknesses too, at this moment we do not wish you to remember them. If at all they interfere with your thinking about your strong points, jot them down on a separate page and do not mix up with your qualities."

Tell them that after each person has noted down all of his strengths and he has no more to add, he should put his pen or pencil down on the table. When you observe that all the participants of the program have stopped writing, instruct them to pick up the quality or strength that is best in them or which describes them the best. Give them some clues by explaining them that if some one feels that the major reason for most of his successes in life so far was his analytical capabilities, then he should pick out that quality as something special of him. Or say, other person thinks that his honesty has paid him in a big way, he could choose "honesty" as his adjective.

Once they tell you that they have picked up their best strength or adjective, tell them to write it on a name plate. Ask them to prepare a make-shift name plate by tearing out one page of their note pad and folding the paper so that it can stand on the table surface in a stable manner. Give them the colored markers that you have with you in the seminar hall to write down, in bold letters, their chosen adjective on the name plate along with their name- the name by which they would like to be addressed by you and other participants. They could choose their first name or surname (family name) or even their nick name if any.

Tell them to rhyme their names with their chosen adjective. Give an example that if someone has her name as Anita and she has chosen "good analytical capabilities" as her strong point, she could write on the name plate "Analytical Anita" as her title on the make-shift name plate. Other example could be: if person's "smartness" has been the major reason for his success and his name is Shaquir, his name plate could bear his title as "Smart Shaquir". Or say "Creative Katy" etc. Tell them to write their such titles without discussion with anyone and keep the title absolutely confidential unless you tell them to talk about it.

After all the participants finish writing their titles on the name plates, request the first participant who is nearest to you to show his name pate bearing his title or adjective to the rest of the participants and to you. Request him to shout out his adjective or the title and rest of the participants will clap for him and you will welcome him to the program. Carry this out with each participant.

The environment is sure to become vibrant and the participants start looking smart with beaming faces. A great start.

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