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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Zodiac Signs

This could be the very first game you can start with in most of the programs. It is a good starter for fellowship among the participants of the program who do not know each other prior to this meeting.

Once all the participants have arrived and they settle on their seats, request them to gather in the ante room adjacent to your seminar or program hall. If another room is not available, let them come to the free spaces available in the same hall.

Now brief them. Instruct them to start mingling with each other. Each person should start circulating within the group and start shaking hands with each other. While shaking hands, exchange the greeting like hi, hello, good morning (good evening) and the full name with the other person. Each person will have to meet each and every person of the group. This takes care of the introduction part.

Now instruct them that each person should search out in the group the person(s) of his zodiac sign. Let each person meet the rest of the persons in the group to get this information.

After completion of gathering of this information, request the participants to take their respective seats.

Now, start with the first participant, the one nearer to you to introduce his name and zodiac sign to the entire group. Also ask him to tell the entire group the names of the other persons of the group whom he found as having the same zodiac sign as his own. He will request them to stand and wave to the rest of the group. These gentlemen can correct their names if the person introducing them is making any error in pronouncing their name or is giving out an erroneous name etc.

Then, you as a facilitator can ask the group whether any person of this particular zodiac sign has been left out by the the person introducing all the persons of his zodiac sign. If there is a left out person, he will volunteer to get up from his seat and introduce himself to all others.

You will have to ask maximum of first 12 persons to do this kind of introduction of the other participants since there are maximum of 12 zodiac signs and with that you can cover the introduction of the entire group.

Most of the times the participants may not include you (you being the group facilitator or seminar/program leader). In that case, just kid a bit by enquiring as to why hasn't anyone approached you or get introduced to you and enquire your zodiac sign. People will have a hearty laughter- join in their laughter.

Thank them all and start your next activity.

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