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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Clap is a very simple, yet, a very effective management exercise that can be used in any kind of workshop, seminar, training program or conference. It can used at the beginning of the program and also, throughout the program. It is also very effective to make your point to the participants of any improvement or self improvement programs, "You can do it if you wish to do it."

As you start the introduction of the participants, tell them to clap for each participant after he is introduced in the seminar hall. You will invariably notice that the clapping after the introduction of the first participant will be somewhat lukewarm. It will not carry any enthusiasm on the part of the participants.

So, after the first clapping, stop the introduction session and request the participants to clap for the first introduced person loudly. The loudness and participation in clapping will be better this time. Yet, tell them, "Its not good enough. Please clap still louder." They will clap much better, much louder. Now encourage by saying, "Still louder." And the clap will start getting more enthusiastic, participative and thunderous.

Sum up your observations by saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, I was sure that you could do it. You started with very weak clapping and look here now- you are clapping so very well, it is roaring. This is the first lesson of this program. It's you who can do it; no one else. And you can do it if you want to do it. Now please clap still better after introduction of each one of the rest of the group. Improve. Improvement is the name of the game and you can improve everywhere."

At the conclusion of all the introductions, before starting you next session instruct the participants, "In this program, I want you to use clapping throughout the program. As and when any person in the group shares a good point with the rest of the group and you like that point, clap for that person thunderously. Yes, do clap for me too. Will you?"

You may hear a big laughter and a big "yes" from the participants.

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