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Monday, August 30, 2010


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The management exercise “Shapes” is recommended as an effective exercise for sessions on strategy formulation, communication, giving and following instructions, leadership, motivation, team work and team building. It also works as an effective energizer and icebreaker.

The exercise is administered by you- the program leader or workshop facilitator.

Divide the participants in groups of 12 persons (or as you think appropriate) in each group. Follow the random group formation method given in the games described earlier. As a ready reference, you may refer the exercise called “Pass the Message” if you are forming more than two groups or the exercise “Arrange” if you are forming two groups.

After forming the groups, take all the participants to a hall adjacent to your regular seminar hall which should have enough open space without any furniture in it. If such an extra room is not available, adjust the furniture in your existing seminar hall in such a manner that you create adequate free space in the hall. The exercise can be carried out out-doors also on plain level ground.

Ask the participants to blindfold each other by using the handkerchiefs. Instruct them that each group’s task now is to arrange its members in such a manner that they form the shape of a square. Each group may appoint a coordinator if necessary. Before physically arranging themselves they can have an internal discussion about the strategies and methods they plan to follow to complete the given task. The participants will remain blindfolded throughout the exercise.

After each group declares that it has formed the shape of the square by positioning its members that way, ask the members to open the eyes and check how well they formed the shape of the square. Also note down the time taken by each group to accomplish the task.

The group(s) that made the correct shape within minimum time will be declared as the winner(s).

You may repeat this exercise by asking them to form other additional shapes like rectangle and triangle etc. You should ask them to use their experience of doing the previous exercise in carrying out the next exercise.

After the exercise is over, request the participants to give you their feedback of their experiences and learnings from this exercise.

Conclude your session by sharing your observations and analysis for each group and filling them with additional inputs as required.

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