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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Program Certificate

This management game or exercise can be administered by you as the workshop or program leader towards the end of the workshop. It's fun for everyone who attended the program to take home some memories of the program. It's like getting a certificate of having successfully attended the program. It can prove to be a great finale to your workshop.

After you have finished conducting all the sessions of your program, you are at a point where you can play "Program Certificate" game. Ask participants to stick on their backs large sheet of while paper (preferably large card sheet). Participants should help each other in pinning the card sheet at the back of their fellow participants. You should organize a number of colored markers of different colors such that each participant can have a marker for himself.

Each participant now will write on the back of the other participant something he liked, appreciated or admired about that person during the seminar. Each participant can write on the back of every other participant.

When all the participants finish writing on the backs of all the other participants, each participant can remove the sheet stuck at his back. He can then read what was written by his fellow participants about him. Each participants can take home with him this sheet as the memento and the certificate of the program.

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