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Monday, August 16, 2010


"Race" is great team work and team building game. It involves the need for intra-group communication, transaction analysis, strategy formulation, leadership, motivation and all the possible aspects of team work and team building. It's a fun group game with lots of participation and is bound to work like an icebreaker, energizer and motivator. It provides a rich experiential learning.

You are the program or workshop facilitator or leader. Prior to administering the game, you should prepare several card board squares of size say, 9 inches by 9 inches.

Now, divide the entire participants of the workshop in groups of 5 to 6 members each depending upon the total number of participants. The participants of each group should be randomly selected. For random selection, follow the method described in an earlier exercise titled "Pass the Message" at

Instruct all the members to stand together group wise at the beginning or the start line of the race about to commence. For each group there will be a lane within which the group members will have to run the race. The finish line of the race can be some 2o feet away. The game can be played in-door as well as out-door.

Ask each group to appoint a coordinator of the group by way of internal discussions. Hand over the card board squares (of 9 inches by 9 inches in size prepared by you prior to the game) to the coordinator of each group. The number of card board pieces should be one less than the numbers of members in each group. For example, if a particular group consists of 6 participants, hand over to the coordinator of that group only 5 card board pieces.

Instruct the participants to run the race such that all the members of a group should always remain on the card board square throughout the race; touching the ground outside of the card board will amount to foul. All the members of each group should reach the finish line. The members of each group will have to remain within the respective lane of the race. The members in each group will have to keep shifting ahead their card board pieces while always remaining on them to reach the finish line. The group whose all the members reach the finishing line first will be declared as the winners. Others will be runner-ups.

After the game is over, participants will be quite eager to share their experiential observations and learnings with you and the rest of the participants.

Connect the inputs you wish to impart with reference to your observations, analysis and learning points from the game.

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