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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This management game can be used as a management quiz at the beginning of the workshop or training program and also at the end of the program. The game works like a quiz to test the knowledge of the program participants. They also come to know the correct answers to the management questions. It is quite participative and engages the minds of all the participants.

You as a program facilitator or workshop leader will have to carry our some prior preparation for this. Based on the contents of the program that you plan to cover, design at least 60 questions. Each question will have four options as its possible answer. The participants will be asked to choose any one of the answers out of these four options. Make PowerPoint presentation of these questions with options given. One set of question and answer will occupy one slide of PowerPoint presentation. Start with simpler questions in the initial slides and gradually include tougher questions in the subsequent slides.

In the seminar room, divide the entire participants in two groups. The groups will be treated as two corporate companies. Request the participants to choose the names of their companies thus formed.

Then, brief the participants that they will be shown one slide, at a time, on the screen with a question on a management topic of the program with four options as the possible answer to that question. First slide will be tackled by the first group (now a corporate company). Within a minute the individuals forming the first company will have to confer with each other and choose an option out of four options as their answer. If the answer is correct, the first group will earn $100 otherwise they do not earn anything. The second slide with another question and options for answers will be tackled by the second company. Within one minute, the second group will provide the answer after their internal discussion. If the answer is correct, the second company also gets $100.

Now show next set of two questions, one question at a time. This time choose tougher questions. Also increase the reward for the correct answer to say, $500. For a wrong answer, introduce a penalty.

In this manner, show all the 60 questions one after the other and let each team (company)provide its correct answers. Gradually increase the toughness and complexity of questions and also increase the reward dollars as well as increase the penalty for wrong answer. In case they are not sure of the answer, they can say "pass" and choose not to answer the question. Even for a "pass" you may introduce some penalty. At the end of each question, declare the correct answer in case they fail to give the correct answer.

Motivate them continuously throughout the game to achieve the billionaire status. The game will last about 30 to 40 minutes. Within this time, the company that earns more dollars will be declared as the winner.

After the game, tell them your impression on how well they did and what has been their knowledge level on the subjects or topics of the program.

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