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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Break and Make

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Break and Make

You are a workshop/seminar leader and if you are looking out for a game/exercise that does not ask participants to use pencil and paper, "Break and Make" is the answer. You can gainfully use it in your training sessions or modules on communication, leadership, motivation, team work, team building, strategy and problem solving. It also works as good energizer. It can be played in-door as well as out-door.

Divide your workshop participants into groups of around ten participants each. Administer  this game as a competition among these groups. The group that finishes the game the fastest will be the winner. If you like, you may announce a prize for the winning group.

Direct each group the way it is described in the following paragraphs.

Ask the members of each group to form a circle. Now a person in the circle will move towards the center of the circle. Simultaneously the person opposite him in the circle will also start moving towards the center. As both of them meet at the center of the circle they will clasp each others' hands. This act will be repeated by the set of two other members standing opposite each other in the circle. They too will clasp hands such that their hands are place over and above the clasped hands of the other pair. This way all the remaining members will also clasp hands by reaching the center and get entangled with the rest of the pairs. By now they would have knotted themselves with each other in a complex manner.

Now ask the members of the knotted group to disentangle themselves and return the circle to its original shape. Put a condition that in forming the circle they should not release the hands tied as pairs. They will be allowed to communicate and discuss with each other.

Observe how they demonstrate their strategy formulation, communication, leadership, motivation, team work/team building and problem solving skills.

Based on such observations, start a discussion among the participants after they have completed the "Break and Make" exercise. Let participants start talking group by group. Fill them in with your observations and comments.

Wrap up the game by giving any additional inputs that you wish to impart.

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