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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pre and Post Program Quiz

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Pre and Post Program Quiz
Every workshop or seminar leader (faculty) like you sincerely wants to find out his program’s effectiveness. The measure of real effectiveness is how much and how well the participants grasped the subject matter and improved their knowledge level from your program. At the end of your program are they really equipped well to implement what you covered in your program? What has been the percentage improvement in them- how much knowledgeable they were before attending your program and how much more knowledgeable they became after attending your program?

One of the best ways of doing it is to design a suitable and effective questionnaire (quiz) covering all the topics you plan to cover through your workshop/seminar. The questions should be objective type questions and number of questions should depend upon the number of topics you would cover in your program. Against each question indicate the marks the participants can score if they answer the question correctly. Normally the duration of the quiz could be around 30 to 45 minutes or so.

At the start of your program give each participant this quiz (the hard copy) and ask them to answer the question on the same sheet of paper after writing their name on top of the page. At the expiry of the duration allowed for tackling the quiz, instruct that each person should pass on his answer sheet to the person sitting next to him. Thus each person will have some one else’s answer sheet. Read out the correct answer and let each participant score out the marks on the answer sheet he is holding and add up the total marks. Collect all the answer sheets with marks written on them.

After you have finished teaching all the topics of the program as planned, repeat the above-mentioned exercise at the end of the program. Give the same quiz- a new sheet to each participant. After each answer sheet has been evaluated by a fellow participant and marks written on it, collect all the answer sheets.

Pull out the pre-program and post program answer sheets participant-wise and staple them together so that you can readily see the marks obtained by each and every participant at the beginning of the program when he was not exposed to the topics and the marks obtained by him after getting exposed to the topics through your program. Declare their marks and the extent of improvement each participant showed by learning in your program. Work out the percentage improvements.

Let the entire class clap for each participant as you declare the results of everyone’s performance in the quiz. Let them know that they are much better off after learning.

Also, submit a report to your client giving feedback on the effectiveness of your training program.

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