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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Promise of Implementation (Plan of Action)

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Promise of Implementation (Plan of Action)

One question is often asked of the trainers and management consultants like you, “How are you going to make the participants implement what you covered in your training workshop?” Your training program’s effectiveness is often judged based the extent of improvements your program brought about in your client organization.

An effective answer is this present exercise that you can get done by your program participants towards the close of your program. This exercise provides an effective method of self contracting and follow up for behavior change. Through this exercise the participants of your program will make gentlemanly promises with themselves on transferring certain aspects of what they learnt in your program to their jobs in their organizations.

At the beginning of your program announce that you have planned this exercise towards the end of the program. Caution the participants to stay alert throughout the workshop to check out the implementability of the learnings on the job.

Then in the last session of your program distribute copies of the suitably designed form to each participant. Remind the group that the time has come when they need to decide and write down in the form their plans of implementation of learnings of the program on their jobs. This kind of self-contract would morally pressurize them and facilitate transfer of the training to their jobs.

Give them sufficient time to fill out the form. Distribute blank envelopes to the participants. Ask them to write down their own postal addresses on these envelopes. Then have the participants insert the filled-up form in their own envelopes, seal them and give them to you.

Tell them that they will soon get the envelope with the form inside to remind them to put in practice what they had promised to themselves if they did not do it already. Wish them best luck for effective implementation and wrap up your workshop.

Later on place postage on the envelopes and mail them to the participants three to four weeks after the workshop.

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