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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Candy Treat

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Candy Treat

As an effective trainer or educator, you are always conscious and anxious about the following aspects:

  • Are your participants really learning in your program?
  • Are the participants retaining the learning?
  • Are they enjoying your training sessions?
  • Are they having fun learning?
  • How can you make them to participate more and more?
  • How can you involve all of them in the learning process?
  • How to keep the energy level in your seminar room all the time at the peak?

Here is a simple energizer called “Candy Treat” that you can use to meet the above-mentioned objectives. It is a good intervention for an effective program review.

At the beginning of your seminar/workshop tell the participants of your program that you will surprise them with spot questions/quiz throughout the day. The questions will be directed at them any time you feel like asking them. The questions will be related to what you are teaching them. So they better be attentive.

You will also tell them that the persons who can answer the question will raise their hands. The person who raises the hand the fastest will be given the first opportunity to answer the question. If his answer is incorrect, the second fastest person will be asked to answer and this will continue with all the volunteers (who raised the hands) till the right answer comes out.

The person giving the right answer will win two candies. Also the first person raising the hand will win one candy. The candies will be distributed by you immediately.

The persons receiving the candies should retain the wrappers of candies. At the end of the day the person with the highest number of candy wrappers will receive equal number of candies. For example if the person winning the highest number of candies presents 7 wrappers, he will get 7 more candies from you.

Congratulate the mega winner as well as all the other winners of candies. Shower you appreciation on their enthusiasm.

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