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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Alphabetic Introspection

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As a program coordinator or workshop leader, you can use this management exercise for your sessions on personality development, improving internal motivation, inculcating wellness, enhancing personal and professional effectiveness, becoming a winner etc.

You can use this exercise as a starter of your program as a warm-up or energizing exercise or as an icebreaker.

Give each participant of your program a big blank white or colored card sheet of at least A3 or even bigger size. Let each them write his name on top of the card sheet.
Now, ask your participants to choose as many alphabets from A to Z as they want and start writing their good qualities or their strong points starting from those alphabets on the card sheet given to them. They can take one alphabet at a time and start introspecting as to which of their qualities start from that alphabet. After they are finished with one alphabet they should take up the next alphabet and start introspecting as to which of their qualities start from this next chosen alphabet.
They should do this for all the alphabets they chose for themselves.
Now on each one of their card sheets each one will have written all of the qualities one could think of for himself. Let them display their card sheets on the walls all over the place.
Now, instruct the participants to visit this exhibition keeping pen and writing pad with them. Tell them to read the qualities or strong points of their fellow participants by moving from one card sheet to other card sheet. In the process they will see many good qualities which others possess but they do not. Advise them to note down such of these qualities that they will like to develop for themselves in future. After everyone has finished doing this, tell them go take their seats.
Initiate a discussion on the exercise they just undertook- what did they feel about it, how they were benefited by it and what else they experience in undertaking the exercise.
Top it up by sharing your observations with them with any additional inputs you wish to give.

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