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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Participative Quiz

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As a trainer or workshop or seminar conductor you may feel the need to carry out the recap of the learnings by the participants of your program. You may also feel like warming up or energizing the group when you are part way through the course. “Quiz” is an effective participative management exercise for revising or recapitulating the course content and energizing the group by involving them.

Divide the entire participants into two groups randomly. You can ask all the participants to shout out their serial numbers as 1 and 2- first participant shouts out 1, the second shouts his number as 2 and then the third one shouts 1 and the fourth one as 2 and so on till all participants shout out their numbers as either 1 or 2. Then all those whose number is 1 form the first group and all those whose number is 2 form the second group. The groups may like to appoint their coordinators for each group.

Give to the coordinators of the two groups a pile of blank cards. Motivate them to write as many questions as they can in 15 minutes covering the program content that you have delivered to the participants till this exercise is administered. Ask the groups to write their group number on the top right hand side of each card.

You as the seminar leader will now alternately select a valid question from one group and direct that question to the other team. The process continues until all valid questions written by both teams have been asked and answered.

The teams score one point for every question they answer correctly and another point for every one of their questions which is selected as valid by you as the trainer. Whenever the group required to answer a question is not able to answer that question, the same will be addressed to the group that wrote that question. If they are in a position to answer they will earn one point for that. When both the groups are unable to answer any question, you should intervene and supply the answer for the recap to be complete.

Now if you find that some important parts of the topics covered by you have not been recapitulated, you can ask the questions based on those topics to the groups. Whosoever will raise the hand to answer those questions will be given the first opportunity to answer. Allot the points for each answer to the respective group.

Total up the points scored by each group and announce the winner group. Every participant will clap thunderously for the winner group.

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