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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rewards and Punishment

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Rewards and punishment are time tested methods of motivating people. Every program/seminar leader or workshop facilitator wishes to maintain a high degree of motivation and enthusiasm among his participants. So if you, as a program leader, also wish to create such an environment of interest in the seminar hall, you can use “Rewards and Punishment”.

“Rewards and Punishment” is a good motivator, energizer and icebreaker.

You can announce at the beginning of the program that you wish to introduce a system of rewards and punishment in your workshop.

The punishment side will be very simple. It is mainly to remind the participants that they have to maintain punctuality. Every participant should make sure that he comes to the seminar hall in time at the beginning of the day and also after every break; it could be tea or coffee break or lunch break or any adhoc break announced by you. The person who arrives late will be sumptuously clapped by the rest of the participants to indicate to him, “Buddy, you are late but we still welcome you.” Ask any one participant to keep a count of number of times such claps are received by the erring participant(s).

Second part of the punishment will be to punish the person who disturbs the proceedings by receiving a phone call on his cell phone inside the hall (at the start of the program, instruct the participants to switch off their mobiles or keep them on the silent or vibrate mode) and also who disturbs by walking in and out of the hall while the session is running. Issue a “red” card to such a defaulter. A count of “red” cards issued will also be maintained erring participant wise.

Now we come to rewards part. At the beginning of the program, make an announcement that participants who will participate and contribute the most and the best will be given some surprise gifts by you. You being the program leader are the sole authority to give the rewards. The rewards will be given by you by giving a “green” card to the participant who deserves it. The persons who make a good contribution in the seminar by sharing good ideas, asking good questions, answering good answers, participating enthusiastically etc will be allotted “green” cards by you as an appreciation.

At the end of the workshop, each participant will be asked to report to you and to the rest of the participants the number of “green” cards he was rewarded. Present the top three earners of “green” cards some nice little gifts as part of valediction of your program.

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